Monday, 15 December 2008

The First Test

So, England lost by six wickets. A terrible final day, after making a decent fist of things up to that point. Poor decisions by KP and poor bowling led to what would (before the game started) have been a predictable result.

I'd like to say that the real victory was over the terrorists who attacked Mumbai, with our brave lads refusing to be cowed despite the obvious risk that they would be the next target. But I can't. They should have made clear from the outset that if the Indians wanted the game to go ahead they were up for it. Instead they headed home and prevaricated until they finally worked out that invites to join the IPL would be pretty thin on the ground for those who chickened out.

They scarcely acquitted themselves any better at the Stanford Super Series when their undisguised greed and pre-match whingeing was an embarrassment, and the result was exactly what they deserved. But their response to the Mumbai massacre was shameful, and the ECB should never have indulged the players the way they did.

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