Friday, 28 November 2008

Freedom of information and Jacqui Smith

It's the fingerprints of our dangerously libertarian Home Secretary that are to be found all over the preposterous arrest of Damian Green, a politician whose name had been quite unknown to the general public until yesterday.

Sometimes our Government seems to have a death wish, and Jacqui seems keen to be seen at the front of the queue as always. You'd have thought Gordon had more than enough problems right now without any intervention on Ms Smith's part.

At least she kept a well-judged sense of proportion in ordering the arrest when she decided to use the anti-terrorist squad; Mr Green will be grateful that he's still alive. Honestly, you'd have thought they had enough work keeping on top of all the terrorists crowding our country (if Ms Smith is to be believed) without 'taking out' opposition MPs who manage to cause ministers a little embarrassment now and then.

I've spoken here before on the misuse of the anti-terrorist laws, and this latest farce reinforces my belief that politicians start abusing such legislation almost before the ink's dry. If only we already had our identity cards; that would certainly have scuppered Mr Green's criminal conspiracy before it even got going, wouldn't it?

What do you mean, the Government weren't consulted ahead of Mr Green's arrest? Everyone else seems to have been.

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