Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Peace and quiet

Sometimes I wonder if the first of April has arrived early, but no. More likely 'Andy' Burnham (our so-called Culture Secretary) decided that a second one was called for this year in order to lift the mood of gloom that has engulfed the nation before making this announcement.

Mr Burnham could usefully come to Norfolk and visit my local library. McDonalds haven't quite moved in yet but just about all the other changes that he is so keen to see have already been implemented, entirely to the detriment of those of us who think that there are still places in this world where little children should be seen but not heard, mobile phones neither seen nor heard, and where books and computer keyboards remain entirely free of the sticky residue left behind by fizzy drinks and chewing gum.

It's bad enough that they lend out computer games; that children use the library computers to play them (with considerable accompanying noise) only rubs salt in the wound.

That's before you consider the morning crèche and the afternoon crèche; the young lady who runs those has a singular enthusiasm for the collective singing of nursery rhymes. Then there's the regular 'Community Policing' meet-and-greet; wouldn't they be better off pounding the beat or even trying to catch the occasional villain?

There are still a few books on offer, and even a (rather slim) choice of newspapers - one broadsheet and the local paper - so all is not quite lost yet. But Mr Burnham will do his best to finish the job no doubt.

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