Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Aliens do exist

...and were out and about in Canterbury. Weird creatures arriving from all corners of the galaxy for some utterly unfathomable exercise in introspection. Since nobody agreed with anyone else and there was no prospect of them ever doing so they ended up just forming small groups round the Archbishop for their souvenir snapshots before they all headed off back into outer space.

Dr Rowan Williams expression was in turns confused and anxious, until he finally settled for solemnity, rounding on those left behind and blaming them because the party hadn't been quite the resounding success he had intended.

Still, at least we now know why he's so attracted to the certainties offered by Sharia Law.


Political Umpire said...

Hello Stephen, welcome back to blogging. I had not been around for a while as I noticed you seemed to be absent, but now I find you've been very active of late.

Reading these pages again I am sure you will concur with the post about Mormons I have just put up ... as vehemently as you disagree with my stance on WWI death penalties ...

Stephen said...

I fear I owe you an apology for not responding sooner, particularly now I've read your post on netiquette.

I do indeed agree wholeheartedly with what you said about the Mormons, but of course I favour an entirely secular state anyway.