Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mugabe and the UN

Robert Mugabe's presence at the UN Food summit in Rome is an affront to civilization, and the UN should be held in as deep contempt as Mugabe for even contemplating inviting him, let alone doing so.

Mugabe is a murderous fascist despot and Italy should have told him that regardless of the diplomatic niceties of the UN's invitation he would be arrested with a view to trying him for crimes against humanity as soon as he set foot on European soil. As for our own Government, what on earth are they doing lending legitimacy to this farce by attending?


Political Umpire said...

Agree except it came about because Zim is a UN member, ipso facto entitled to be represented, and under the UN's rules each member may send whichever delegate it chooses; the UN has no right to veto them.

That said, they should have arrested the crook and carted him off to the Hague.

But - and this has had far too little attention from the MSM - is Mugabe the problem? Or rather the only problem? Fact is he would probably accept retirement into a 35 room mansion to see out his days. But his coterie who have protected him and enforced his contemptable rule won't get the same offer. Rumour has it that the army is basically running the place and won't countenance the opposition winning the election as they, unlike their leader, won't get immunity from prosecution and won't get a cushy payout.

So even if the happy event of Dr Bob dropping dead happened tomorrow, I suspect not much will improve for the desperately unfortunate citizens of that blighted state ...

Stephen said...

I entirely agree. And I appreciate that Zimbabwe is a member of the UN, and therefore could send who they liked. But if the UN were worth anything, it would be applying considerable pressure on the Mugabe regime and questioning its membership credentials.

Unfortunately Zimbabwe lacks the large oil reserves that appear to stimulate Western interest in tackling human rights abuses these days.