Friday, 2 May 2008

Harriet's Blog returns!

Those who share my bizarre enthusiasm for the blog of the Labour Party's deputy leader will be pleased to hear that Harriet's Blog is finally back online; they're reposting all the old entries even as I speak (I wonder if my comments will still be up?). Like the result of the London mayoral election, this had been expected some time ago (Harriet promised for Monday), but I expect it's taken this long for her to settle on a new password.

I've taken a further look back now, and most of the old posts are back, with the comments intact. She's taken her tribute to Gwyneth Dunwoody down for some reason. She definitely needs to sort out her html though; I left a comment just in case she hasn't noticed yet.

From my stats it seems that Harriet has actually paid a return visit here. Great excitement! I wish she'd leave a comment; I've left enough for her over the past months.


babooshka said...

I will have to check this blog out.
What are your thoughts on Boris. Mine aren't printable.

Update on Ramsey Bridge. They are repaintng it.

Stephen said...

Boo, I hope you've checked out my earlier posts about young Harriet's wondrous blog, just so you know what you'll find there. It's very 1960s, no politics, just surreal.

If you checked my sidebar, you'll have seen that Rough Trade has formally adopted her now, so there'll be regular updates here.

Boris? Not too sure you could print mine really, that's why I didn't post this morning.

What colour?